JavaScript applications for displaying registered images from a CITE server.
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The University of Kentucky has developed several JavaScript applications for displaying registered images. Currently this repository is also the home for the CITE JavaScript API. These demonstration applications represent work done under the FoLIO project. The viewers in this repository highlight registration along multiple axes: time, wavelength of light, and semantic content.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0916421. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


Live versions of these viewers are currently availible via the links below.

Modal Viewer
Diachronic Viewer


These viewers are designed to run out of the box by simply opening their HTML files. Due to size constraints we have zipped the assets and image folders. They must be unzipped before the images will be displayed.

git clone
cd jsRegistrationViewers
cd diachronic
unzip diachronic/
cd ../modal
unzip modal/

The HTML files for the viewers are located in the sub folders:

  • ../jsRegistrationViewers/diachronic/diachronic.html
  • ../jsRegistrationViewers/modal/modal.html
  • ../jsRegistrationViewers/prototype/viewer.html
  • ../jsRegistrationViewers/translation/translation.html

NOTE: Due to browser security policies, viewers may not work correctly when locally viewed. This is due to cross domain scripting security policies. Hosting the viewers on a web server will fix this issue.

###Folder Description### There are currently 4 viewers to analyze images:

  • Diachronic: Compare images taken over a period of years.
  • Modal: Compare false color images rendered from calculations of multispectral images.
  • Translation: Dynamically translate the images in an aesthetically faithful way.
  • Prototype: Uses the CITE server to compare multispectral images. Demonstrates the CITE JS API.

The folder tree will look like the tree below.

 ├── css           (main CSS folder)
 ├── diachronic    (diachronic viewer specific)
 │   └── js        
 ├── js            (main JavaScript)
 ├── modal         (modal viewer specific)
 │   └── js        
 ├── prototype     (prototype viewer specific)
 │   ├── css       
 │   └── js        
 └── translation   (translation viewer specific) 
     ├── css
     └── js


  • [University of Kentucky FoLIO Site](
  • [University Of Furman](
  • [University Of Kentucky Department Computer Science](