A set of tools for organizing and processing multispectral data.
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A set of tools for organizing and processing multispectral data.

Latest Updates

  • 6.20.2013 - Changes to enable multispectral-only output. Updated documentation to reflect changes since v2.0.
  • 5.17.2013 - summarize.sh now tries to match pages to their flatfield when multiple flatfields are detected.
  • 5.16.2013 - Version 2.0 release to master.
  • 5.14.2013 - applyflats.sh ignores flatfield folders. copyrighter.sh ignores folder structure, has preset copyright options
  • 5.13.2013 - Add preset flags to mstk.sh. applyflats.sh and spectralize.sh now lets user select output types that are kept after processing.
  • 5.11.2013 - First working version of summarize.sh, preprocessing report application.
  • 5.10.2013 - spectralize.sh autodetects wavelength order of files.
  • 5.9.2013 - Branch for v2.0. Sync spectralize.sh, applyflats.sh with their mstk counterparts.
  • 1.15.2013 - despot now uses in-painting via OpenCV. Spot isolation needs a lot of work.
  • 12.20.2012 - mstk.sh: Flatfielded images and PNGs are now created using pngflatten. flatten currently being kept for applyflats.sh support.
  • 12.13.2012 - First version of mstk and its subscripts. mstk takes a folder of dailies and outputs a fully processed collection.


  • Check MANUAL.md for installation instructions

Known Issues/Special Notes

  • Making flatten and pngflatten requires OpenCV to be installed.
  • ImageMagick should be compiled with TIFF support.
  • Despot can cause irregularities when rendering RGB and Multispectral images. As such, the original flats are always kept. Use with caution.

Other Software

This repo is developed and maintained on OSX. As such, all external software below is installed via homebrew.