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Composer Interface


Composer is an open source visual cohort analysis tool developed in collaboration with the Univeristy of Utah Orthopaedic Center. More information can be found on the Visualization Design Lab's webpage.

Running Composer


  1. Install Docker.
  2. Install NPM.


  1. cd Composer
  2. We need the develop branch from phovea_server. There are two ways:
  • yo phovea:clone phovea_server (consent to SSH clone, Resolve, Update Workspace). Then git fetch and git checkout develop
  • git clone -b develop
  1. yo phovea:clone phovea_core (consent to SSH clone, Resolve, Update Workspace).
  2. yo phovea:clone phovea_ui (consent to SSH clone, Resolve, Update Workspace).
  3. npm install
  4. docker-compose build


Keep Docker running.

  1. docker-compose up -d
  2. npm run start:client_app

Composer will be running at http://localhost:8080/.

The Data

Original patient data used for development has been excluded for privacy purposes. To integrate your own data, you will need to create a data folder within the app_server folder. Data is loaded into the application as a Phovea table using the Phovea server from .csv files. Within the data filder, you need to create an index.json file. This will contain an array of file object descriptions. Data file information needs to be specified in the index.json in a specific format. Specifications for the data file in index.json is described below:

        "name": "name you will use to refer to data table object",
        "path": "name of your file.csv",
        "separator": ",",
        "quotechar": "\"",
        "id": "id you want to specify for your data",
        "size": [
            columns (excluding your index col)
        "type": "table",
        "idtype": "INDEX",
        "idcolumn": 0,
        "columns": [
            { "name": "003", "value": { "type": "string" } }

For each column in your table, you will need to specify the name of the column and the type of data.

After adding new data, and appropriately specifying it in your index.json file, you can access the data from the application using: await this.loadDataFromServer();

For more information on using Phovea tables see the documentation.


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