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Examples on how to use the ViSearch Widget SDK.

How to Run

Clone the repo and run locally with the following commands

//to install the package dependencies
npm install

//to start a local server
gulp start

It will open a local server at http://localhost:8080/

Config the Params

To view the widgets result, you need to set the configuration correctly. You can find the configuration of the widgets in '/src/js/'.

For Find Similar and Recommendation Widgets, you should set the imName to a particular im_name in your indexed image database.

var imName = "IM_NAME";

For all the widgets, you should configure the key pair and the metadata schema to be used in the display:

var vsSettings = {
  appKey: 'APP_KEY',
  fl: ["im_url", "price", "title", "product_url", 'brand', "desc", "discount_price"],
  limit: 15

var productDetails = {
  heading: 'title',
  productUrl: 'product_url',
  label: 'brand',
  price: "price",
  discountPrice: "discount_price"

For detailed documentation on how to integrate and use the SDK, please refer to the our developer documentation: