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  • The new MaskExtension allows layers to show/hide objects by a geofence. For example, a map may filter a list of user locations by the boundaries of a given country, or highlight part of a base map that is inside a user-drawn circle or lasso area.
  • The new QuadkeyLayer renders filled and/or stroked polygons, with geometry automatically calculated based on a quadkey (geospatial index).
  • TileLayer reduced refinementStrategy: 'no-overlap'.
  • TileLayer refinementStrategy now accepts a callback function enabling customer refinement strategies.
  • TerrainLayer can now be used with non-geospatial views.
  • ColumnLayer adds flatShading prop.
  • GlobeView lighting in 3D layers is more consistent.
  • GoogleMapsOverlay supports camera tilt and bearing for raster maps.
  • MVTLayer now supports pointType: 'text' in binary mode.
  • Picking with project3D: true now returns more accurate result in non-geospatial views.
  • adds fetchMap, streamlining the display of maps created using CARTO platform.
  • support for large tables and Databricks. See CARTO documentation for more details.

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