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JavaScript Emplementation of Computer Graphics Algorithm
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JavaScript Emplementation of Computer Graphics Algorithm

Computer graphics is a subject taught us in 5th semester of our computer science course All Algorithms of the subject are generally impleted in c or c++ language but for a change I implemented all these algorithms in javascript so that it become easy to illustrate and demonstrate of the working of these algorithms

Algorithms implemented here are

  1. Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA)
  2. Translation of point
  3. Cohen-Sutherland Line Clippings
  4. Scaling Of A Quardilateral
  5. Reflection Of A Quardilateral
  6. Shear - X
  7. Rotation Of A Point

There is separate page for each algorithm and the code used is displayed on the page along with online resource of the description of these algorithms this is the website where you can see the live version of this project.

Thank You For Visiting Here

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