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A development repository for the Wildfire Survivor Management System
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Wildfire Survivor Management System

This is the development repository for two apps (Survivor Application and Survivor Dashboard) which together create the Wildfire Survivor Management System (WSMS).

Static (Development) Hosted App:

Origin Story

@AlenaNV, @cmatthey and I met each other at an IBM Call for Code Hackathon and submitted a Proof Of Concept after working with the Development Director from United Way (Northern California). He and his team were interested in moving forward so we did! @AlenaNV has created the Sketch files at this link from the requirements we have gathered since then. I've been working on getting the MVP together (React, Node, Firebase, Cypress).

Project Roadmap

  • Initial Kickoff + Gather Requirements
  • Initial Sketches (Sketch files)
  • Initial (Development) Survivor Application
  • Initial (Development) Survivor Dashboard
  • Initial (Production) Release for Survivor Application
  • Initial (Production) Release for Survivor Dashboard

Project Overview

The project is split into two apps: a Survivor Application and a Survivor Dashboard. Each user will have an account for their Survivor Application and each staff/admin will have an account for the Survivor Dashboard, which shows all users' Survivor Application data along with some internal admin-related data (financial assistance details, application status, etc.)

Survivor Application

⭐️Link to Interactive Prototype (made by @jpoechill)

Core Functionality

  • Allows users (wildfire survivors) to :
    • Create an account (Email link sign-in is preferred method)
    • Fill out, preview and submit an application
    • Modify their application data
    • View the status of their application

Survivor Dashboard

⭐️Link to Interactive Prototype (made by @jpoechill)

Core Functionality:

  • Allows users (staff members) to:
    • View and update demographic information
    • View and update application status
    • View and update financial assistance data


  1. Download the repo
  2. Navigate to the CallForCode directory
  3. npm install inside the CallForCode directory
  4. npm start will start the development server on localhost:3000
  5. npm run cypress:open will run the cypress integration tests


Please! We need all the help we can get to reach the MVP efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

  1. Join our Slack channel (invite link).

  2. Meeting minutes from review calls with the United Way contacts will be located in this folder.

  3. Please review the project documentation. This will help you understand the motivation behind the existing code and areas of improvement (there are many areas of improvement).

  4. Please see our Contributing guide

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