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Editor.js Alert Tool

npm Version of EditorJS that the plugin is compatible with

Provides Alert blocks for the Editor.js.


  • 8 different alert block styes
  • Convert from other blocks into an Alert block
  • Convert an Alert block into other blocks

How does it look like?

Watch this tool in action in the following short GIF movie.

Alert sneak peek GIF!

Try it out yourself on the demo page.


Install via NPM

Get the package

npm i --save editorjs-alert

Include module at your application

const Header = require('editorjs-alert');

// OR

import Alert from 'editorjs-alert';

Download to your project's source dir

Copy dist/bundle.js file to your page.

Load from CDN

You can load specific version of package from jsDelivr CDN.

<script src=""></script>


Add a new Tool Alert to the tools property of the Editor.js initial config.

var editor = EditorJS({
  // ...

  tools: {
    // ...
    alert: Alert,

  // ...

Or initialize Alert tool with additional optional settings

var editor = EditorJS({

  tools: {
    alert: {
      class: Alert,
      inlineToolbar: true,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+A',
      config: {
        defaultType: 'primary',
        messagePlaceholder: 'Enter something',


Config Params

All properties are optional.

Field Type Default Value Description
defaultType string info default Alert type (should be either of primary, secondary, info, success, warning, danger, light or dark)
defaultAlign string left default Alert alignment (should be either of left, center or right)
messagePlaceholder string Type here... placeholder to show in Alert`s message

Output data

Field Type Description
message string Alert message
type string Alert type among one of primary, secondary, info, success, warning, danger, light or dark
align string Align type should be one of left, center or right
  "type": "alert",
  "data": {
    "type": "danger",
    "align" : "center",
    "text": "<strong>Holy smokes!</strong><br>Something seriously <em>bad</em> happened."

Local Development

  • Run yarn install.
  • Run yarn dev to continuously watch for the changes made in ./src/index.js and updates a development bundle under ./dist folder.
  • Open ./examples/development.html in the browser to verify the tool's functionality.

Publishing to NPM

  • Run yarn build to build the production bundle, bump the version in package.json.
  • Commit and push the changes.
  • Create a release new tag for the bumped version (e.g. git tag v1.0.2).
  • Push the tag using git push --tags.
  • Publish the package to NPM using yarn publish.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.