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Mar 29, 2013

  1. libc/libc_r: Remove some obsolete comments.

    Sascha Wildner authored
  2. kernel: Remove 'options COMPAT_SUNOS'.

    It was supposed to provide binary compatibility with SunOS 4.x for the
    sparc32 port of 4.4BSD.
    Sascha Wildner authored
  3. kernel: Unbreak building kernels that have 'options BNX_TSO_DEBUG'.

    Sascha Wildner authored
  4. lock(1): Do not require 'options COMPAT_43' in the kernel config.

    We commented out COMPAT_43 in our configs some time ago, which broke
    lock(1) that needed TIOCGETP and TIOCSETP ioctls which are only
    available with COMPAT_43.
    This commit converts lock(1) to use tcgetattr(3) and tcsetattr(3),
    along with some minor cleanups.
    Reported-by:  noway on #dragonflybsd
    Submitted-by: Joris Giovannangeli <>
    Taken-from:   FreeBSD
    Sascha Wildner authored
  5. bnx: Make sure that all of the TX rings receive tx_wreg update

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  6. bnx: Make "force defrag" as TX ring flag

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  7. bnx: Turn softc SHORTDMA flag into per TX ring flag

    Avoid extra softc accessing during transmission.
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  8. re: Disable IP header checksum offloading on 8168C/8168CP

    These chips will generate wrong IP header checksum if IP options exist.
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored

Mar 28, 2013

  1. libc: Add a few missing xdr functions

    Obtained-from: FreeBSD
    François Tigeot authored
  2. bnx: NIC based TX rings are only applicable to chips before 5705

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  3. bnx: Regroup TX related fields into TX ring struct

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  4. bnx: It does not make sense to have ret-ring size larger than prod-ring

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  5. bnx: Defer interrupt allocation until chip reset is done

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  6. bnx: Remove remainder of BCM5906

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  7. kernel - Cleanup SWB_NPAGES

    * Remove the conditional for the SWB_NPAGES #define so the swblock
      structure remains consistent.  Remove the override in swap_pager.c.
    * Previous code was confusing, but harmless.
    Reported-by: Enjolras
    Matthew Dillon authored

Mar 27, 2013

  1. vkernel - Add debugging

    * Provide more information when interrupting to the db> prompt.
    Matthew Dillon authored
  2. jme: Enable PHY calibration to fix compat issue w/ certain switches

    EA settings are obtained from JMicron Linux driver.
    See-also: FreeBSD PR kern/177400
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  3. jme: Fix comment

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  4. vkernel - Fix copyin/copyout to return the correct error code

    * These functions must return EFAULT on error, not a KERN_* error code.
    Matthew Dillon authored
  5. kernel - Fix bug in uiomove() error handling (2)

    * Quickly fix bug in last commit related to setting the error
      code in vm_fault_page()
    Matthew Dillon authored

Mar 26, 2013

  1. kernel - mps driver - Adjust M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT.

    * This (and many other drivers) really should not be using M_NOWAIT,
      which can fail trivially even when memory is available.  Use
      M_INTWAIT instead.
    Matthew Dillon authored
  2. kernel - Fix bug in uiomove() error handling, fix deadlock in read_sh…

    * Fix a recently introduced bug in uiomove() related to error handling
      when iovcnt is greater than 1.
    * Fix a deadlock in the vm.read_shortcut code, rare triggerable except
      by vkernels.
      The deadlock is due to a busied VM page being held across a uiomove().
      To fix a new function uiomove_nofault() was added which causes EFAULT
      to be returned for any non-trivial VM fault (any fault related to nested
      objects or vnode objects).
      The vop_helper_read_shortcut() procedure uses this new uiomove function
      and breaks out when the case occurs, returning and falling through to
      the filesystem's normal buffer-cache-based read() code.
    * As an added bonus, we no longer have to unlock the VM object across
      the new uiomove_nofault() call in the read shorcut code, since it is
      no longer possible to deadlock against the VM object.
    Reported-by: tuxillo
    Matthew Dillon authored
  3. nrelease: Use variables.

    Sascha Wildner authored
  4. ipiq: Use cached mycpu to access per-cpu ipiq stats

    Reminded-by: sjg@
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  5. bce: Don't use MSI-X, if the effective RX ring count is 1

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  6. bce: Try enabling MSI-X on 5716 too

    Well, to be frank, I never saw any real "5716" in the field.
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  7. ipiq: Make stats per-cpu

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  8. udp: Make stats per-cpu

    Sepherosa Ziehau authored
  9. lnc: Call ether_ifattach() before lance_stop()

    So ifnet is properly setup.
    While I'm here, remove no longer needed lance_attach() and don't return
    error code from lance_config(), which returned no error at all.
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored

Mar 25, 2013

  1. kernel/cpu_topology: They are just bits, not BITS.

    Sascha Wildner authored
  2. ip: Cache align ip_stats

    - ip_stats is padded to multiple cache line size; add comment about it
    - Cache align the per-cpu ip_stats array
    Sepherosa Ziehau authored

Mar 23, 2013

  1. natacontrol(8): Add commands to tweak power/acoustic management featu…

    Sometimes disks designed to operate in low power mode by default
    constantly spin up/down during operation which leads to reduced
    This commit adds the 'feature' command to natacontrol(8) which
    can be used to tweak the 'advanced power management' and 'automatic
    acoustic management' features. Their current setting could already
    be viewed before this commit using the 'natacontrol cap' command.
    I'd like this to be possible with camcontrol(8) too for CAM attached
    disks, but afaict these are ATA specific features so I guess we'd
    have to integrate ATA into CAM too before that is possible.
    Dragonfly-bug: <>
    Reported-by:   Maurizio Lombardi <>
    Taken-from:    FreeBSD PR 81692
    Tested-by:     Maurizio Lombardi <>
    Sascha Wildner authored
  2. natacontrol(8): s/atacontrol/natacontrol/

    Sascha Wildner authored
  3. -Wno-unused-but-set-variable is gcc47 specific.

    Sascha Wildner authored
  4. kernel/em/emx: Fix -Wundef.

    Sascha Wildner authored
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