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Setting this up

  1. Clone the repo

  2. Create couple of symbolic links

     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/zsh_profile.d ~/.zsh_profile.d  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/zshrc ~/.zshrc  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/irbrc ~/.irbrc  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/gitconfig ~/.gitconfig  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/gitignore ~/.gitignore  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/gitk ~/.gitk  
     $ mkdir ~/bin (if bin directory doesn't exist)  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/sake ~/bin/sake  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/vim ~/.vim  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/vimrc ~/.vimrc  
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/aliasrc ~/.aliasrc 
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/gemrc ~/.gemrc
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/bowerrc ~/.bowerrc 
     $ ln -s ~/src/dot_files/grunt-init ~/.grunt-init
  3. Local Settings

     ~/.zsh.local will be required for local zsh settings   
     ~/.vim.local will be required for local vim settings
     ln -s "/Applications/Sublime"

~/bin/subl #For Mac OSX
4. You may have to modify the zshrc file to your liking a bit. The PATH and other stuff is configured according to the way, I have setup my machine.You may need to change that.

  1. Switch to zsh

     $ chsh
  2. Close the terminal

  3. Logout from your active session.

  4. Open terminal and voila, you should have zsh with new prompt and everything working.