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Example Snowflakes

This is a snowflake simulator written in python by Rachael Holmes and Giles Hall. It builds realistic looking snowflakes by modeling the phase transistions between water molecules at a mesoscopic scale. The model is lifted (verbatim) from "MODELING SNOW CRYSTAL GROWTH II: A mesoscopic lattice map with plausible dynamics" by Janko Gravner and David Griffeath.

Requirements: - PyPy (for fast execution of the simulations) - PIL for exporting graphics (PyPy accesible)

Requirements for Laser Cutting: - Python only (no PyPy support) - PIL (Python accessible) - potrace (For translating SVG) - scipy/numpy (For clustering)

Requirements for 3D Printing: - PyPy or Python - PIL (PyPy/Python accessible) - potrace (For translating SVG)

Example Snowflake