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Pluggable-PHP is a small but full featured plugin system for any PHP app
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Pluggable PHP

pluggable-php is a simple plugin (or extension) system for any PHP code. 

 Getting the code

Github repository at



There's nothing much to configure, just move pluggable.php and utils.php to your project, make a plugins/ directory and start adding plugins. 

 Short Tutorial

Take a look at the examples plugins/ directory to understand how to structure a plugin. From a plugin system, what you'll need is extensibility (of course) and a concise syntax. The file example.php provides a sample of how to make your PHP project rely on pluggable. 

Replace instances where you need an extension with a call to pluggable_serve("hook_name"). As you can see, we call these replacements "hooks" - envision a pirate claw stealing bits of your code and replacing them.

Hooks can be used to add new behavior to your code. It can:
1. Return a value.
2. Return multiple values.
3. Act as before_ and after_ hooks subtly modifying data.

Hooks can be chained together, with multiple plugins serving a pluggable hook, although you cannot specify the plugin load order.

To make a plugin, take a look at the example plugins in the plugins/ directory. The only special directive here is actually not in the code, but in the PHPDoc comment block preceding your plugin file. It looks like this:

 @pluggable_hook hook_name @with function_name

 @pluggable_hook replace_welcome_message @with in_vish_htmlize

As you can see, it's recommended you use the reverse FQDN notation for functions to avoid name collisions.


Q: Can I store the plugins somewhere else?

Yes! Just pass in plugins_path as a key to $options in pluggable_init, for example:

 pluggable_init(array('plugins_path' => '../examples'))

Q: What is utils.php?

It's just a file with convenient helper functions.

Q: Has pluggable been used in production anywhere?

Not yet! If you're planning to, drop me a mail!

 Vishnu Gopal
 April 19, 2009
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