Protoboxen is a Javascript library designed to generate linkable, labelable and draggable CSS boxes.
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ProtoWidgets is a Javascript library that provides common GUI widgets for browser-based desktop-like applications. 

Compared to other GUI libraries, ProtoWidgets has these advantages:
* Lighter Dependencies - only prototype and scriptaculous.
* Extremely Modular - you use only what you need.
* Styling using CSS - you style only using CSS. Change a class name for a whole new look.
* Placement using HTML - there's no layouting system in-built. You use HTML for that.

In short, this is a widget library for people who know Javascript and CSS and how to make elegant web pages, but need some extra functionality with minimum intrusiveness.

If you are already using Prototype+Scriptaculous (as many Rails applications are), then ProtoWidgets is just a simple drop & use.

Take a look at the widgets/ directory for the widgets that ProtoWidgets implements.

Currently there are 10:
* Box - A draggable and labelable box.
* Inspector - An OSX-like HUD inspector for elements.
* Label - A label for elements (usually boxes).
* Link - A link (line with begin and end) between two elements (usually boxes).
* Notifier - An OSX Growl-like notification system.
* OrthogonalLine - An orthogonal line between any two points.
* SimpleWindow - A base window class that you can extend to add functionality.
* StraightLine - A single line at 90 degrees between any two valid points.
* Targeter - A widget that helps in selecting other elements on screen.
* Toolbar - A simple, easy toolbar over the top of the screen.

For a whirlwind example, see test.html

ProtoWidgets is released under the Affero GPL license. To get a copy of this license, visit:

Icons courtesy icojoy:

 Vishnu Gopal
 June 2009