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Node.js scraper to scrap all reviews and app details from list of provided Google Play app
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This script scraps all the reviews from list of applications

Step 1: Install NodeJs with NPM, details:

Step 2: This project is based upon this repository, you need to install google-play-scraper. This script overcomes the limitation of google-play-scraper which scraps reviews page by page (i.e., maximum of 40 reviews)

npm install google-play-scraper

Step 3: Create a file named app.txt. This file will contain all the applications for that you want to extract the reviews

Sample contain:

Step 4: Execute following command:

node google_play_all_reviews_scraper.js

The above code will copy all the reviews and details of the application in reviews/ and details/ folder respectively. I have not tested this script for applications with millions of comments.

Note: reviews/ and details/ directories will not be created if does not exists, make sure you have the directory in the root of this project.

Cheers! Enjoy programming :)

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