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Crowd simulation and a three story building
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Virtual reality project (Virtual Tour of Computer Science Department)

This project is a part of my graduate school virtual reality class CSCI 680. In this project I modeled my computer science department and simulated crowd.

Using this application I can address those people who want to take a tour of Northern Illinois University but are bounded by time constraint and cannot come for a personalized visit. This application provides a virtual tour of computer science building however it can be projected as a proof of concept for creating a virtual tour of entire university, this might also be helpful for visitors who are unaware of place and just want to know how they can navigate to their desired place.

Resources used

  • Unity v2017.4.0f1 Personal
  • ProBuilder: Used it to model computer science department building.
  • Google poly: It is a useful place for 3D objects which can be directly used in unity.
  • Blender: Used to model humanoid object.


I started building the application using poly object provided by Unity, after adding 2 floor in building I realized maintaining those walls and objects is not easy and whole application became clumsy. I rewrote the entire application and created it using ProBuilder which gave me sleek design for every floor with no holes between the walls and gave more flexibility to edit 3D objects to a desired shape.

Lessons learned

  • I realized it is important to keep vertex count in ProBuilder as low as possible
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Maintaining multiple level of floors
  • How to use Google poly, Blender
  • Gave me more confidence on Unity

Known issue

  • Some avatar pass though wall


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