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simple pxe bootstrapping

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Welcome to a goldmine of OpenStack server management stuff.


  • Manage PXE configurations for multiple servers.
  • Preseed templates for assigning puppet roles.


We use South for migrations, you'll probably do something like:

python syncdb
python migrate
python runeventlet 8080

That will ask you to make an admin user, you'll use that to get into the admin.

We'll want to add some fixtures:

To mess with how the data is displayed in the admin:


  1. Make a backup:

    $ python dumpdata --format=yaml rolemapper > backup.yaml
  2. Update the code:

    $ git pull origin master
  3. Reset everything for good measure:

    $ ./
  4. Load your data:

    $ python loaddata backup.yaml

Actions Somebody Might Want To Do With A Cluster

  • (DONE) Re-deploy
  • (DONE) Claim/Lock so that other people do not re-deploy
  • (DONE) Free to tell others it is free to use
  • Notifications of beginning / end of redeploy
  • Generate munin config files, specifically the per-cluster list of nodes.
  • Manage a puppet server per-cluster

Actions Somebody Might Want To Do With A Host

  • (DONE) Reboot
  • (DONE) Re-assign to a new cluster
  • Notifications when reboot complete
  • Per-host overrides of key-value pairs

General Hoped For Functionality

  • Template-ability of values. * Would be nice to express something like "the api endpoint is the ip of

    System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 73)

    Unexpected indentation.

    the machine with the nova-infra role"... something like: api_endpoint={{ roles[nova-infra][0].ip }} ... ish

  • (DONE) More optimized updates, for batch updates don't rekick and rewrite until they've all been updated.

  • Configure global and cluster configs separately.


  • Automatic hardware discovery. Wouldn't that be swell?
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