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This repository contains config files I use on multiple tools multiple purposes
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Configuration files

This is a repository containing configuration files I wrote during the usage of some tools. Most of the tools are already described in howto's a hundred times therefore I didn't tried to reproduce such an already existing howto but giving you a view of the features I combined.

Feel free to adopt, change and create issues or pull requests for them


For my mail client I am using mutt a command line mail program. My mail folders are of the mail dir format. Those folders are encrypted using encfs to a dropbox account. That way I always have a backup of my mails and I can access them from everywhere.

I pull my mail using fetchmail and the pop3 adapter. I know IMAP exists but I'm getting used to pop for several years by now.

For sending mails msmtp is what I use with different profiles for different accounts or locations.

Some additional software I use in combination with my mutt setup are:

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