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# urls used by testview app
('/' , 'home'),
('/cities/' , 'city list'),
('/cities/1' , 'ward list'),
('/wards/3' , 'show ward'),
('/search?q=slater street', 'ambigous search'),
('/search?q=Moscow,Russia', 'failed search'),
('/search?q=somerset and empress,ottawa canada', 'search'),
('/reports/new?&lat=45.41958499972712&lon=-75.7028603553772','file new report'),
('/reports/114', 'unconfirmed report'),
('/reports/331', 'report with no updates'),
('/reports/491', 'updated report'),
('/reports/479', 'fixed report'),
('/reports/updates/create/', 'request to confirm update'),
('/reports/331/subscribers/', 'new subscriber'),
('/reports/subscribers/create/', 'request subscriber confirm'),
('/reports/subscribers/confirm/02a99e748e18bfec372d6f460b592d69','on subscriber confirm'),
('/reports/331/flags', 'flag report'),
('/reports/331/flags/thanks', 'after flagging a report'),
('/contact/', 'contact form'),
('/contact/thanks', 'after submitting contact form'),
('/about', 'about')
FIXTURES = [] # [ 'testview_report_fixtures.json' ]