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I’m having a hard time installing Geodjango. Why do you use it?

Yes, it can be a hard install, but it’s worth it. Geodjango and PostGIS is a powerful combination for a spatial mapping solution. The framework enables all sorts of future potential features, including:

  • computing issue densities per area
  • computing which streets have the most potholes
  • etc.

Also, geodjango’s GoogleMaps package made map integration nearly painless.

If you’re stuck, I’ve found the geodjango newsgroup to be helpful. They also have an IRC channel.

Where is Oglo, Ontario?

Our current licensing arrangement for the maps of various cities prevents us from re-distributing this data. Instead, a city called Oglo, Ontario has been created for testing purposes with 5 fictional wards.

Search queries that return results in these fictional wards include:

  1. K2P 1N8
  2. Metcalf and Slater, Ottawa

Are there automated test cases?

Yes, in mainapp/tests. As with any django app, run

python test

to make sure they all pass.

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