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Supported Platforms

This project, and the Geodjango components it requires, have been successfully installed on:

  • Ubuntu Heron on a Windows PC running Wubi
  • A deployment server running Ubuntu Heron
  • A VMWare instance on a Windows PC. Experiences from that installation are written up here. (Describes installation up to v1.1.0)

Complete Installation Steps

1. Install Geodjango

Install postgres, Django, and required GIS libraries by very carefully following the instructions here . Good luck to you.

See the RELEASE_NOTES for the version of django currently used by HEAD.

2. Check Out Project Dependencies

django-fixmystreet HEAD uses these projects:

See the RELEASE_NOTES for dependency lists for older versions of the code base.

3. Create the database

Make sure there’s a postgis-enabled database by creating one like so:

createdb -U postgres -T template_postgis fixmystreet

4. Check out this project

git clone git://
mv django-fixmystreet fixmystreet

5. Create a file

Create a file in the fixmystreet directory which contains all the variables listed at the bottom of the file.

Ensure the database settings point to your postgis-enabled postgres database.

6. Initialize the database

In the fixmystreet directory, run

python syncdb

7. Run the server

python runserver

If things work well, you may now access localhost:8000 through your web browser.