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A cinder port of ofxDSHapVideoPlayer openFrameworks addon

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A cinder port of ofxDSHapVideoPlayer openFrameworks addon. Majority of the port was done by dave, the last few steps were done in collaboration with these guys.

HAP-Cinder plays Hap-encoded videos natively on Windows using Direct Show video playback tools.

Hap is a video codec that is decoded on the GPU. Some of its benefits include fast decompression and low CPU usage. It was written by Tom Butterworth for VidVox/VDMX. For further information on Hap, see


Before encoding videos using Hap codec, install the Hap codec for Direct Show. An installer is available from Renderheads website.

In order to play the video, open BasicApp.sln and in BasicApp.sln on line 136 change the location of the HAP file. This should work with Hap, HapA and HapQ codecs.

Notes (copied from ofxDSHapVideoPlayer Repo)

  • HAP-Cinder plays back Hap videos in .avi containers. It will not play back Hap-encoded video files in QuickTime movie containers. Encode Windows .avi files using Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects or other.
  • Sample Hap video files are available on
  • HAP-Cinder now supports snappy compression, but the performance is not as snappy.
  • HAP-Cinder was tested with cinder 0.9.0.


A cinder port of ofxDSHapVideoPlayer openFrameworks addon






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