Bootstrap UI is a Bootstrap extension for building beautiful web apps user interfaces.
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Bootstrap UI

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⚠ There is a bug in jQuery < 3.0.0. It is therefore recommended to explicitly require jQuery in version > 3.0.0 in package.json. We will update the dependency in the next major release.

Bootstrap UI is a Bootstrap 3 extension for building beautiful web apps user interfaces. Migration to Bootstrap 4 is planned in the future.

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  1. Bootstrap UI shouldn't contain anything that can be easily achieved with vanilla Bootstrap.
  2. Every part of Bootstrap UI should be an opt-in extension, not a modification of Bootstrap. There is only one exception and that is basic typography.
  3. Documentation only describes usage of each component. Design patterns are presented in the Bootstrap UI Demo project.


Bootstrap UI is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

See the Releases section of the GitHub project for changelogs for each release version of Bootstrap UI.

Breaking Changes

  1. When filing an issue which would result in a breaking change, mark the issue with the BC label.
  2. Should an alternative functionality be implemented while keeping the original solution available until next major release, mark the original functionality as deprecated both in code and documentation. Make sure that all deprecated functionality is removed with each major release.

In both cases include migration path in issue's description (and later in release changelog).

Releasing New Version

  1. Update version number in package.json
  2. $ grunt dist
  3. $ git commit -m "Bump version"
  5. $ git push --follow-tags
  6. Add the version with change log to GitHub Releases page
  7. Deploy docs to production (outside of GitHub)

Don’t Forget

    • Update package version in package.json
    • Update package version in package.json
    • Update number in button i.e. “WHAT’S NEW IN x.x”


Code is licensed under MIT.