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User documentation for VisionEval has moved to the new User Guide at Content on the Wiki is being phased out to only contain pages documenting progress on the VisionEval project.

Getting Started

VisionEval is a programming framework for disaggregate strategic planning models. Background information is available on the project Website, including the System Design. This site is focused on management of the collaborative effort.

Start with the Getting Started page, the description of the VE Models, and the VERPAT Tutorial, VERSPM Tutorial, and the VERSPM Training. Model developers should also review the Developer Orientation page.

Releases of VisionEval are available here.

An video introduction to VisionEval and the system design is available (37 minutes). This was recorded at a VisionEval training in September 2019:

VisionEval Training Overview


When considering contributing to VisionEval, start by reviewing the Goals and Objectives page and the Contribution Review Criteria. In addition, the Working Together page describes how we use version control and our test system, and the Automated Testing describes our test setup in more detail. Our Development Roadmap should also be reviewed.

Contributions are currently being reviewed by the Pilot Review Team.

Modules & Packages

Modules perform individual tasks and are the fundamental building blocks of VisionEval code (e.g., create households). They perform single or multiple (sub-module) functions. Packages are logically related combinations of one or more modules organized into libraries, as a way to distribute the VisionEval code (e.g. HH synthesis including location, income, age, etc.). Each module is assigned to a package.


Models consist of a set sequence of modules called in a run script. A model is further customized for a local community by the set of data used from the datastore.

Graphical User Interface and Scenario Viewer

A GUI and scenario viewer (outputs visualizer) that works for the VE models has also been developed. The GUI and scenario viewer support setting up, running, and viewing multiple scenarios.

Outstanding Issues and Project Progress

The current list of VisionEval todos, feature requests, known issues, etc. is being managed as Issues within Project Milestones. The Meeting Notes are also a useful resource.