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IE10 on Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 does not support ontouchstart events. Instead, it has its own proprietary events. More here.

What's the best way to support Windows Devices?


Running into this issue as well


pointer events are not proprietary they are just another solution to handle touch input and in my oppinion the better way over webkit touch events

roele commented Jun 26, 2013

the following polyfill would might come in handy


I +1 this feature, and I'd be happy to help try and implement this for Windows Phone 8.
According to this Windows Blog Post, it shouldn't take much effort to make it simply "work": for each of the 3 touch events, add a dupe for MSPointer<IE(X)> and voilá.
I see this feature as a very important one, considering that W3C took this implementation and abstraction of pointer events as the default. Sooner or later it should be done, I think.

PS: I've yet to try the polyfill above, maybe that already solves the problem.


@roele thanks I'll try this as soon as I can get my hand on a win8 device.
@fredgalvao shouldn't be to difficult though I don't have a win8 device to test it.


I have the environment setup to emulate a Window Phone 8 alright. Spent some time understanding how toe.js works now (I used to in version 1.x, big changes came since then {splendid job btw!}), and I think it'll be a piece of cake to implement this. Gonna try my best and test.


was actually by a contribution

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