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86 86 The "*" character may be used as a wildcard. Suppose for example your library has debuggers named "connect:bodyParser", "connect:compress", "connect:session", instead of listing all three with `DEBUG=connect:bodyParser,connect.compress,connect:session`, you may simply do `DEBUG=connect:*`, or to run everything using this module simply use `DEBUG=*`.
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  88 + You can also exclude specific debuggers by prefixing them with a "-" character. For example, `DEBUG=* -connect:*` would include all debuggers except those starting with "connect:".
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88 90 ## Browser support
89 91
90 92 Debug works in the browser as well, currently persisted by `localStorage`. For example if you have `worker:a` and `worker:b` as shown below, and wish to debug both type `debug.enable('worker:*')` in the console and refresh the page, this will remain until you disable with `debug.disable()`.

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