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Debug output is unreadable using solarized dark color scheme in Terminal #52

nikmartin opened this Issue · 5 comments

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It looks like your color scheme is meant for solarized light, because when using solarized dark, the debug text is the same color as the background.
screenshot from 2013-06-28 01 04 34


ya, I am using ubuntu and also using this color scheme and it is also not work.


just find out the problem.
at the solarized color scheme

at here:
"\u001b[90m" this value is the same as the background color
after my test, the colors can have better visual is 31-37,91-97
so, need to change the "\u001b[90m" to "\u001b[91m" then it will work


Have you tested against Solarized Light and Dark? Are your suggested changes pleasant defaults in both?


here is the screenshot on my end: ubuntu terminal solarized scheme

screenshot from 2013-07-01 01 12 48

u can check out my fork: ( I also change some code to make the code better understand )


actually the "\u001b[90m" means the "color palette 9" u can hover on the color palette block, will show up the tooltip of the color palette.
then u will find out the "\u001b[90m" just the same color as the background, that is why we can not read the text

@TooTallNate TooTallNate closed this issue from a commit
@TooTallNate TooTallNate node: reset terminal color for the debug content
This is a controversial change as well, but it seems to be
wanted by the community, and usability is more important to me
than looks, so why not…

Closes #47.
Closes #52.
Closes #87.
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