@TooTallNate TooTallNate released this Aug 8, 2017

Assets 2

Featuring pretty new colors!

Major Changes

  • Remove DEBUG_FD: #406
  • Make millisecond timer namespace specific and allow 'always enabled' output: #408
  • Use Date#toISOString() instead to Date#toUTCString() when output is not a TTY: #418
  • enabled() updates existing debug instances: #440

Minor Changes

  • Add destroy() function: #440
  • Document enabled flag: #465
  • Support 256 colors: #481
  • Update "browserify" to v14.4.0: 826fd94
  • Separate Node.js and web browser examples: 87880f6
  • Example: use %o formatter: 31f3343
  • More readme screenshots replaced: 25eb545
  • Add Namespace Colors section to readme: 8b5c438
  • Separate the Node and Browser tests in Travis: f178d86


  • Readme: fix typo: #473
  • Component: update "ms" to v2.0.0: d2dd80a


Huge thanks to @gtjoseph, @timruffles and @FantasticFiasco for their help!