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Starting a file with code rather than comments causes the two to be inverted. #22

nex3 opened this Issue August 10, 2010 · 2 comments

3 participants

Nathan Weizenbaum TJ Holowaychuk Oleg Efimov
Nathan Weizenbaum
nex3 commented August 10, 2010

If you have a file like this:

var sys = require('sys');

/** some docs */
function foo() {};

The require and function end up on the left formatted as text, and the comment ends up on the right formatted as code.

TJ Holowaychuk

the parser sucks right now it needs some work since it makes some assumptions. It assumes that each chunk of code is paired accompanied by a comment, which is just a personal thing but yeah that needs to be fixed :)

Oleg Efimov

I've tried to fix this in Sannis/dox@a771a4b.
It works fine for me.

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