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These changes run all the tests in a suite before reporting. Previous the first assertion failure was reported and expresso stopped running tests. I believe it is more useful to report all the failures in the test, to prevent the developer from executing the run/fix loop many times.


Added one more fix which addresses an unchecked call to test.callback() in assertResponse. The problem is that test.callback only exists if the Test has multiple tests, otherwise it's null. The bad call to callback generates an exception which results in the http server not being shut down properly.


Two more fixes

  1. Allowing nested assert.response by properly decrementing server.__pending
  2. Fixing test failure reporting wrong test when running in parallel

This would be a big help.


Hi Eric,

It appears that expresso is mostly dead. We switched to Mocha ( a few months ago, and I'd suggest you do the same. Unless you want to maintain expresso :/

  • Evan
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