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Mastering Node

Mastering node is an open source eBook by node hackers for node hackers. I started this as a side project and realized that I don't have time :) so go nuts, download it, build it, fork it, extend it and share it.


Mastering node is written using the markdown files provided in ./chapters, which can then be converted to several output formats, currently including pdf, and of course html.

All Formats

$ make


Required by make book.pdf:

$ brew install htmldoc
$ make book.pdf


Required by make book.html:

$ gem install ronn
$ make book.html


Required by make book.epub: Requires (Calibre)[]

$ make book.epub


Required by make Requires (Calibre)[]

$ make


Contents of this eBook currently reference the following software versions:

  • node 0.2.0


All example source can be run simply by executing node against the file, for example:

  $ node src/events/basic.js
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