Animations not working in default Android browser #31

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The example demo page doesn't work in the default android browser although it has full support for CSS3 animations. It works in other mobile browsers such as Chrome/FireFox.


Also doesn't seem to work in Safari Mobile on IOS 6. Works great on IOS7 though.
It also doesn't work on Desktop Safari 5.1 (Windows) although CSS animations are supported.


Hey man, sorry for the delay.

how can i reproduce those ?
i have ios7 emulator, is there an emulator for the mobile browsers you mentioned ?




Their is an android emulator:

Not sure about IOS6 Emulator though.


Yes, i have the same problem. on ios6 animations does not work. also at many androids too ((



function transitions(el, styl){
if (el.transition) return true;
styl = window.getComputedStyle(el);
return !! parseFloat(styl.transitionDuration, 10);

i found that some browser dont support 'styl.transitionDuration', it make the animation get to end ;

find ' if (!supported || !has(el)) return fn(); ' in move.js and replace with ' if (!supported) return fn(); '

now it works !!

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