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Move multiple elements #34

justnorris opened this Issue · 1 comment

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First off - thank you for this - an awesome library.

I've found a single inconvenience and right now I can't think of a good solution on my own, so I'm here for help rather than an actual issue of move.js

offset = * -1
move('#stage').y( offset ).end()
move('#header').y( offset ).end()

I would rather do

move('#stage, #header').y(*-1).end()

I've already added a custom selector engine ( jQuery ), but .get(0) gets only a single element. Is there a way around this ? Maybe it's on the roadmap to support multiple elements ?


the problem with multiple elements is that you rarely need to animate them the same way,
you can easily do selectors.forEach(function(s){ move(s).y(10).end(); });.

i think the only way to make multiple element support useful is to
join data binding to elements like d3 does:

.join([....]) // <= data ({ x: N, y: N })
.y(': y * i')
.x(': x * i')

i'm keeping this open just in case more people need it.

@yields yields closed this
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