Inner `require` conflicts with browserify #42

gobwas opened this Issue Apr 23, 2014 · 5 comments

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When bundling my code with move.js included, browserify tries parse inner require method. Any way how can I avoid it? Renaming locally inner require to _require does help.



i think that's a bug in browserify ? not sure.


Yup, same issue. I would love a move.js build that was compatible with a browserify pipeline. Are there any plans for one?


Same issue here. Trying to make it work with browserify-shim, but those requires are breaking it.


does this fix it?

browserify --noparse move.js main.js > bundle.js

This browserify issue is strongly related to the package.json issue. Fortunately I'm on a verge of solving it for good. A pull request appearing in a couple of hours!

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