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Add `pomo stop` #28

stephenmckinney opened this Issue December 16, 2012 · 6 comments

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Steve McKinney limon Henrik Wist Chris Blow
Steve McKinney

Stopping a task should include:

  • killing pomo PID
  • setting running task to false
  • resetting ~/.pomo_stat to #[default]#[fg=green]00:00#[default]

Possible option for maintaining processes:


Yeah, we need 'pomo stop'. Now I use this script to kill the running pomo.

kill -9 $(ps aux | awk '/bin\/pomo/ {print $2}') 2> /dev/null
sed 's/running: true/running: false/g' ~/.pomo > ~/.pomo_temp
mv ~/.pomo_temp ~/.pomo
echo '#[default]#[fg=green]00:00#[default]' > ~/.pomo_stat
Steve McKinney

Good point on reseting ~/.pomo_stat. I updated the ticket.

I'd like to write a pid file on fork and use that to kill the process, I just haven't had time to code it up. A pomo pause would be great too.

Henrik Wist

With pomo pause it would then be also possible to count the interruptions for a particular pomo.

Chris Blow

+1 for stop or pause functionality

Steve McKinney

Unless there are any objections, I am going to make pomo run exclusively as a background process and eliminate pomo start --progress. This will make this feature much easier to implement and it seems no one is using it as a foreground process anyway.

Henrik Wist
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