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fixtures Merge pull request #300 from nebulade/master
agency.js fix tests
basic-auth.js allow simple auth
basic.js handle parser errors properly
content-type.js Add test for failing Content-Type charset case
exports.js Merge pull request #300 from nebulade/master
flags.js Upgraded to express3.0.0rc2 as 3.0.0beta4 was masking some errors.
form.js fix tests
https.js Added tests for https and setting Certificate Authority;
image.js Add content type image/png test case
incoming-multipart.js disable multipart for now, super fucked up
inflate.js fix emission of "data" events for compressed responses without a spec…
json.js change some test ports
multipart.js disable multipart for now, super fucked up
network-error.js test a network error should trigger an error
not-modified.js add buffering of text/* and json only by default. Closes #61
parsers.js handle parser errors properly
pipe.js clean up tests
query.js properly parse querystrings that contain multiple elements. ie. query…
redirects-other-host.js assert the host header.
redirects.js add header persistence on redirects
response-readable-stream.js #214: fix response-readable-stream.js test for Node 0.10 that expects…
timeout.js add .timeout(ms). Closes #17
toError.js refactor
user-agent.js remove() -> unset()
utils.js Added Link response header field parsing
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