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UIKit JavaScript component framework

UIKit is a small (4kb minified / gzipped) collection of flexible, cohesive, decoupled components for the modern web. With an emphasis on structure-only styling making it simple to apply application specific styling. UIKit is not a replacement for larger UI frameworks, nor is it a CSS framework such as Bootstrap. UIKit is still a work in progress, check the Issues.

NOTE: all of these components now live in their own individual repos found here github.com/component. I will still accept patches for UIKit, however active development has moved to components, as they're fundamentally superior to existing js sharing techniques.


  • ui.Emitter an event emitter used throughout various components
  • ui.Card a double-sided "card" powered by 3d transforms
  • ui.ColorPicker an elegant scalable color picker
  • ui.Overlay an overlay used by ui.Dialog
  • ui.Dialog a dialog component sporting optional modal and overlay functionality
  • ui.Confirmation a confirmation dialog building on ui.Dialog
  • ui.Notification an unobtrusive growl-like notification

Custom builds

Each release includes a pre-built ./build directory containing ui.js and ui.css, however if you wish you may re-build with make, by default including all components:

UIKit build

You may specify the list of components to build, and their markup, styles, and javascript will be added to ./build/ui.{js,css}:

UIKit custom build

Running tests

Tests are run with Mocha, first install the node.js deps:

  $ npm install

Then run the tests:

  $ make test