OpenWrt Build System Quick-Start for Baltos
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OpenWrt Build System Quick-Start for Baltos


Prior to beginning with a build process make sure you have following packages installed:

git, libssl-dev, libncurses5-dev, unzip, gawk, zlib1g-dev, pkg-config, u-boot-tools, python2.7, subversion, wget, dosfstools, libconfuse-dev

On a Debian-like system you can invoke following command to get all needed packages installed:

sudo update
sudo apt install -y git-core build-essential libssl-dev libncurses5-dev unzip gawk zlib1g-dev
sudo apt install -y pkg-config u-boot-tools python2.7 subversion wget dosfstools libconfuse-dev
  1. git clone
  2. cd openwrt-setup

Use the build_openwrt tool to start quickly:

  1. ./build_openwrt prepare - gets all packages necessary to use the OpenWrt Build System.

  2. ./build_openwrt get - gets the OpenWrt Build System itself and adjusts it for use with Baltos devices.

  3. ./build_openwrt make - builds the basic OpenWrt for Baltos. This will take some time (~2h).

  4. ./build_openwrt sdcard - creates a SD-Card image that can run on any Baltos system.

  5. ./build_openwrt all - runs all the step above.

  6. ./build_openwrt clean - deletes the whole OpenWrt Build System.

SD-Card Image

After running ./build_openwrt sdcard you can find the resulting SD-Card image under openwrt/bin/baltos/sdcard.img

Copy the image to the SD-Card:

dd if=openwrt/bin/baltos/sdcard.img of=<SDCARD_DEV> bs=4M

Replace <SDCARD_DEV> with the device file for the SD-Card, i.e.: /dev/sdb

Access the OpenWrt System

  1. Put the SD-Card into the Baltos device.
  2. Connect your PC's Ethernet to the LAN port of the Baltos device: PC <----> Baltos LAN
  3. Use a browser to open to open the OpenWrt front end or use ssh to access the device's backend: ssh root@ .

Write OpenWrt to Flash

  1. Connect to the Baltos device via ssh: ssh root@
  2. run which will write OpenWrt to the internal flash.