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Teambox is an open-source project collaboration tool for online use.

It’s available in hosted version at www.teambox.com, or you can install it in your own server, even behind a corporate firewall.

Should I install Teambox for myself or use the hosted version?

Hosted version has a free plan with up to five projects, while premium plans start at $5 per user per month. That’s very affordable comparing to the time and money costs of installing it yourself. You should only consider installing Teambox yourself if one of these cases is true:

  • You need it inside your company’s intranet;
  • You already have a server where you could host the app;
  • You have assessed the cost of hardware and bandwidth you’ll spend and it’s more affordable than our premium plans;
  • You want to learn how it works or change its functionality.

Be aware that some technical knowledge is required to run Teambox. There will be recurring maintenance tasks to do to keep Teambox up-to-date.

Using our hosted version at teambox.com means we take care of everything –security, features, support–, so you can focus on just using it.

What are the absolute minimum prerequisites for Teambox?

You can’t get away without having git and Ruby (with RubyGems) installed on your local machine. This is the minimum required to get the code and push it somewhere else.

Full prerequisites for running the app on a single machine are described in Installing locally.

What are the recommended installation options?

The easiest installation is on the Heroku platform documented in Installing on Heroku. Heroku is a fully-managed Ruby platform that’s easy to use and offers a free plan. Be aware that, when you hit a point where you need more server performance or database storage, their plans continue from $15–$36 forward. Unless you need special configuration options, consider using Teambox online with our premium plans, starting at $5 per user per month.

Other installation options require basic knowledge of git, Ruby and server administration.

If you plan to deploy on or already own a Unix-like server, the Installing on Ubuntu guide will be of help. It describes setting up a Ruby/MySQL/Apache2/Passenger stack.

Our company also provides professional assistance with setting up Teambox on Unix-like servers. Email us for a quote.

For community support, visit our mailing list and post or search the archives.