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The Vision Workbench was developed within the Autonomous Systems and
Robotics area of the Inteligent Systems Division at NASA's Ames
-Research Center. It is predominantly a joint venture of the
-Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) and the Adaptive Control and
-Evolvable Systems Group (ACES) at Ames.
-Credit goes to the following developers for contributing time and
-energy to this effort.
-Laurence Edwards -- Project Manager
-Michael Broxton -- Lead Developer
-Matthew Hancher -- Lead Developer
-Kerri Cahoy -- Testing
-Matthew Deans -- InterestPoint
-Patrick Mihelich -- HDR, InterestPoint
-Aaron Rolett -- Mosaic
-Randy Sargent -- Mosaic, Core, Image
-Ian Saxton -- GPU
-Joey Gannon -- Camera
-Matthew Faulkner -- Math, Camera
-Kyle Husmann -- Camera, Stereo
-Xavier Bouyssounouse - Image
-Eric Park -- InterestPoint
+Research Center. It is predominantly aventure of the
+Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) at Ames.
+Credit and thanks go to the following developers for contributing time
+and energy to this effort.
+Matthew Hancher (CS) - Lead Developer
+Michael Broxton (CMU/NASA IPA) - Lead Developer
+Contributors for Vision Workbench 1.0
+Laurence Edwards (CS) - v1.0 Project Manager
+Randy Sargent (CMU) - Mosaic, Core, Image Modules
+Patrick Mihelich (NASA Intern) - HDR Module, Interest Point Module
+Kyle Husmann (NASA Intern) - Camera, Stereo Modules, Stereo Pipeline
+Matthew Faulkner (NASA Intern) - Math, Camera Modules
+Matthew Deans (CS) - Interest Point Module
+Ian Saxton (NASA Intern) - GPU Module
+Aaron Rolett - Mosaic Module
+Kerri Cahoy (NASA Intern) - Testing
+Joey Gannon (NASA Intern) - Camera Module
+Xavier Bouyssounouse (CMU) - Image Module
+Eric Park (CMU) - Interest Point Module
+New contributors for Vision Workbench 2.0
+Mike Lundy (SGT) - Build System, All Modules, Stereo Pipeline
+Ara Nefian (CMU) - Stereo Module, Stereo Pipeline
+Zach Moratto (EA Intern) - Camera, Stereo Modules, Stereo Pipeline
+Sasha Aravkin (EA Intern) - Camera Module, Stereo Pipeline
+Morgon Kanter (NASA intern) - Mosaic Module, Cartography Module
+Theodore Morse (CMU) - Core Module
+Ross Beyer (SETI Institute/NASA) - Stereo Pipeline
+Liam Pederson (CMU) - Interest Point Module, Math Module
+Simon Rutishauser (NASA intern) - Math Module
+Dawn "DW" Wheeler (SGT) - Stereo Pipeline
+Hans Utz (RIACS) - Testing, bug fixes
+Trey Smith (CMU) - Testing, bug fixes
+CS - denotes NASA Civil Servant
+CMU - Carnegie Mellon University
+RIACS - Research Institute in Advanced Computer Science
+SGT - Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies

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