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Commits on Oct 9, 2006
  1. Added CMU copyright to source file headers. Added support in the

    Matthew Hancher authored
    build system for configuring and building when some modules are absent
    (currently in place only for the Stereo module).  Added a mechanism to
    remove certain modules in distributions.  Added pixel_cast_rescale<>
    and fixed up channel_cast_rescale<>.  Changed image views with
    non-virtual call operators to all use defaulted third parameters
    rather than separate two- and three-parameter forms.  Switched to
    passing channels and pixels by value in inline functions.  Fixed a few
    pixel type bugs for integer channel types.  Added addition and
    subtraction of PixelGray and scalars.  Made Algorithms.h more uniform,
    and added some unit tests for it and Statistics.h.  Fixed a few
    Windows portability bugs, mosty notably timing support in Debugging.h.
    Changed Vector and Matrix string output formats to better match the
    pixel type formats.  Tidied up ImageView.h a bit.  Added a tools
    directory for high-level command-line tools, with the seeds of a
    (possibly ill-conceived) general image manipulation tool.
Commits on Sep 12, 2006
  1. Minor IRG/Linux portability bugfixes.

    Matthew Hancher authored
  2. Tidied up build system a bit.

    Matthew Hancher authored
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