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Commits on Nov 10, 2007
  1. Fixed photometric settings for writing RGB images via GDAL, and

    Matthew Hancher committed
    other minor GDAL cleanups.
  2. Enabled TIFF testing when only GDAL is present.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  3. Final configuration edits and notes for 2.0alpha3 release.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  4. Added additional methods for querying SDS data in HDF files.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  5. Added a five-element constructor for Vector. Sigh.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  6. Added the FloatType type function that returns a floating-point

    Matthew Hancher committed
    type capable of completely representing the range of a given 
  7. Added pixel_format_name() and channel_type_name() to

    Matthew Hancher committed
    simplify debugging output.  Moved num_channels() and 
    channel_size() out to a compiled file.
  8. Fixed some corner cases in the interpolation code. Really

    Matthew Hancher committed
    we should have better tests here.  Ah well, it's good to 
    want things.
  9. @broxtronix

    Removed possible patent infringing code for detecting orientations us…

    broxtronix committed
    …ing a weighted orientation histogram. Now the orientation is simply the weighted average of the orientations over the image patch. This impacts performance by a small amount, but not siginificantly.
    I found that blurring the image slightly (sigma = 0.5) before processing it with the interest point detector greatly increases the number of reliable matches.
  10. @broxtronix

    Changed the way that OpenEXR is detected to support the new (1.5 and …

    broxtronix committed
    …newer) style of OpenEXR library.
    Added a new LAPACK and BLAS detection special case to support the way those libraries are installed on Columbia.
Commits on Nov 4, 2007
  1. @broxtronix

    First round of changes to the Interest Point module in preparation fo…

    broxtronix committed
    …r open source release. Mostly just tidying things up and cleaning up the API. A few of the more substantial changes are listed below:
    * Removed the old Interest.h file, which seems to have been deprecated
    * Renamed InterestView.h to InterestOperator.h
    * removed the free functions for detection interest points and computing descriptors.  These are now operator() methods in CRTP base classes in Detector.h and Descriptor.h
    * Renamed ipmatch to ipalign, so that a new ipmatch can be created that computes matches in a fashion similar to Lowe's toolchain.
    * Re-enabled Harris corner based interest operator, which had been commented out
    * Refactored significantly to expose more options to the user on the command line
Commits on Oct 25, 2007
  1. Added col(), row(), and plane() methods to PixelIterator, and

    Matthew Hancher committed
    added a simple test.
Commits on Oct 24, 2007
  1. @broxtronix
Commits on Oct 22, 2007
  1. Disable building georef without GDAL until we make georef non-GDAL-de…

    Liam Pedersen committed
    …pendent. -mdh
  2. Reved the alpha version number and release notes.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  3. Fixed some missing headers and a few other minor tweaks.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  4. Tests for the new cylindrical edge extension type.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  5. Workaround to recognized Gray/Unknown images as Gray/Alpha, since

    Matthew Hancher committed
    GDAL does not save Gray/Alpha images properly.
  6. Made PointLookupTransform and PointOffsetTransform hold their lookup

    Matthew Hancher committed
    tables as ImageViewRefs rather than ImageViews, to support very large 
    images with procedurally-generated (e.g. interpolated) tables.
  7. Added slow but functioning support for individual-pixel

    Matthew Hancher committed
    access to image composites.
  8. Added a cylindrical edge extension type.

    Matthew Hancher committed
Commits on Oct 21, 2007
  1. @broxtronix

    Fixed what looks like a minor bug that was causing tif files to be

    broxtronix committed
    opened by the old TIFF driver and not with GDAL (if present).  This
    would then lead to a NoImplErr when write_georeferenced_image found
    that DiskImageResourceTIFF did not support writing georeferencing
    Matt, you should check this change to make sure I'm not mistaken about
    the new order of precedence of GDAL over TIFF.
Commits on Oct 18, 2007
  1. Updated some text notes prior to the alpha release.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  2. Typo fix.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  3. Largely sanitized the InterestPoint module, but also

    Matthew Hancher committed
    removed it from the distribution until we have a chance 
    to give it a thorough once-over and replace the interest 
    point orientation computation code.
  4. @broxtronix

    Made a number of small l changes to handle cases when LAPACK inot pre…

    broxtronix committed
    …sent. Disabled various small things here and tnhere.
  5. Add a test for lapack with -lgfortran, to support some

    Matthew Hancher committed
    newer linux boxes that seem to want that.
  6. Moved a bunch of deprecated HDR code, some of which may or may not

    Matthew Hancher committed
    be useful in the future, out to the Graveyard.
  7. Added a missing file to the distributed HDR headers.

    Matthew Hancher committed
  8. Undo the incrementing of the libtool version, which I had

    Matthew Hancher committed
    actually already incremented a day or two ago. :)
  9. Make be cleaned on "make clean" and

    Matthew Hancher committed
    ignored by "svn status".
  10. Moved the fancy general-purpose FileMetaData code to the Graveyard

    Matthew Hancher committed
    until we have enough use cases to really analyze its design, and 
    replaced it with a much simpler scheme for now.  Also expanded the 
    collection of general-purpose Image IO functions, and collected 
    them all in the new ImageIO.h since they certainly didn't belong 
    in ImageView.h.
  11. @broxtronix

    Fixed an #ifdef at the top of this file to bring it inline with the c…

    broxtronix committed
    …oding conventions elsewhere in VW.
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