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NeWT: Natural World Tasks

This repository contains resources for working with the NeWT dataset.

At this time the binary tasks are not publicly available because we are currently organizing a competition that uses NeWT as the evaluation set. Once the competition is finished we will release the dataset and labels (currently planned for Fall 2021).

Benchmarking Representation Learning for Natural World Image Collections

Source code for reproducing the experiments in the CVPR 2021 paper can be found in the benchmark directory.

iNaturalist 2021 Dataset

The iNat2021 dataset is available here.


If you find our work useful in your research please consider citing our paper:

  title={Benchmarking Representation Learning for Natural World Image Collections},
  author={Van Horn, Grant and Cole, Elijah and Beery, Sara and Wilber, Kimberly and Belongie, Serge and Mac Aodha, Oisin},
  booktitle={Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},