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Commits on Nov 2, 2011
  1. @cadecairos

    Popcorn.js v1.0

    cadecairos committed
  2. @cadecairos
  3. @cadecairos
  4. @stevenaw

    [#819] Missed one change

    stevenaw committed
  5. @stevenaw
  6. @jbuck
Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. @cadecairos
  2. @cadecairos
  3. @cadecairos
  4. @cadecairos
  5. @cadecairos

    Fixed twitter demo [#811]

    cadecairos committed
  6. @cadecairos

    Fixed semantic demo [#810]

    cadecairos committed
  7. @ScottDowne
  8. @cadecairos
  9. @ScottDowne

    [#810] fix semantic demo

    ScottDowne committed
  10. @cadecairos
  11. @ScottDowne
  12. @cadecairos

    Fix linting error[#809]

    cadecairos committed
  13. @cadecairos

    Implements a common function across frame an…

    cadecairos committed
    …imating and non-frame animating Popcorn instances [#807]
  14. @cadecairos
  15. @cadecairos
  16. @cadecairos
  17. @cadecairos
  18. @rwaldron

    [#807] tabs => spaces

    rwaldron committed
  19. @rwaldron
  20. @rwaldron
  21. @rwaldron
  22. @dseif

    Fixed some styling issues

    dseif committed
  23. @rwaldron
  24. @rwaldron

    Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into…

    rwaldron committed
    … 1.0
    * 'develop' of git:// (28 commits)
      Fixed my fail when I merged #776 [#802]
      Seek to end of video before testing Compose to make independent
      [#792] fixed twitter tests running in opera
      [#704] grammar fix in comment. Sorry, no tests for the grammar fix.
      fixed never ending frame animation looping after an instance is destroyed [#800]
      Fixed leaking exec calls in Index Integrity tests [#800]
      added tests for triggered events
      Adde functionality to remove a plugins manifest when removePlugin is called. Also added supporting tests
      [#793] webpage plugin no longer needs http://
      [#792] twitter has plain text search now, and tests
      [704] updated comment to be more accurate
      [#704] teardown calls end before calling teardown
      [t534] Better documentation
      [#543] null fix
      [#795] youtube now fires a canplaythrough event
      [#791] default empty subtitle is now empty string
      Moved 'refresh' into a private function so it's no longer exposed on the global Popcorn object
      triggers canplaythrough
      added 7 flashvar parameters available as options
      [#543] Function inlining
  25. @dseif

    Fixed styling issues

    dseif committed
  26. @cadecairos
  27. @jbuck

    Fix parseTTML demo

    jbuck committed
  28. @ScottDowne

    Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into…

    ScottDowne committed
    … t782
  29. @cadecairos
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