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* Update to prototype + unittest [nicwilliams]
The prototype unittest.js had evolved away from scriptaculous's verision.
NOTE: this involves the removal of the trial BDD system. Its possible people
are actually using this.
* Generates a public/javascripts/name.js library file when generating the test file [nicwilliams]
* Add -A/--use-app-assets generator option to allow usage of app's own prototype lib. [nicwillams]
* Add JavaScriptTest namespace wrapper
* Added test for JavaScript test runner
* Issue headers that prevent caching, #6218 [voidlock]
* Allow for manual execution of tests by manually providing an assets symlink (see README)
* Updated CSS and generator to more Railsy layout and colors, borrowed from Tom Werners' #6036 default error pages patch
* Add more info to README, add this CHANGELOG