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@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
* Added the ability to pass additional parameters that are appended to the query string for requests
* Added initial support for feed customizations (SyndicationTitle and SyndicationSummary)
* Enhanced ruby_odata's awareness of classes based on the metadata instead of relying on results that are returned
- * Bug Fixes
+* Bug Fixes
* Fixed issues with nested collections (eager loading)
* Handled ArgumentError on the Time.parse for older versions of Ruby; used DateTime.parse instead if Time.parse fails
* Removed the camelize method call when building the root URL for collections (Reported by mkoegel, issue #3 on github)
@@ -85,4 +85,18 @@
* Added the ability to call function imports exposed by the WCF Data Service
* Other
* Changed the test project (for Cucumber integration tests) to use SQL Compact 4, Entity Framework 4.1, and WCF Data Services October 2011 CTP
- * Added [Pickle]( integration to simplify Cucumber step definitions
+ * Added [Pickle]( integration to simplify Cucumber step definitions
+### 0.1.1
+* New Features
+ * Added the `count` method (to `QueryBuilder`) for returning a count from an OData service
+ * Added the `navigate` method (to `QueryBuilder`) in order to handle filtering of children
+* Bug Fixes
+ * Escaped IDs in queries where the ID is a string with spaces
+* Other
+ * Goodbye RDoc; Hello Markdown/YARD
+ * Refactored exceptions to use proper error classes
+ * Integrated [Guard]( into the test suite for continuous testing
+ * Integrated [VCR]( into test suite in order to run Cucumber steps without running the test server.
@@ -194,6 +194,19 @@ OData allows you to [query navigation properties and only return the links for t
product_links = svc.execute # => returns URIs for the products under the Category with an ID of 1
+### Advanced Navigation Property Functions
+There are instances where you may need to navigate down a level in order to form the proper query.
+Take for example [Netflix's OData Service]( and their `Genres` Entity Collection, where you can access a Navigation Property (in this case `Titles` through the `Genre` and filter on it:
+In order to do this within ruby_odata, you can use the `navigate` method of the `QueryBuilder` to drill-down into the Navigation Property. This will allow you to perform `filter`s, `skip`s, `orderby`s, etc. against the children.
+ svc ="")
+ svc.Genres("'Horror Movies'").navigate("Titles").filter("Name eq 'Halloween'")
+ movies = svc.execute
+ movies.each { |m| puts m.Name }
### Count
Sometimes all you want to do is count records, for that, you can use the `count` method.
This method can be combined with other options, such as `filter` but cannot be combined with the `links` method.
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
# The ruby_odata namespace
module OData
# The current version of ruby_odata
- VERSION = "0.1.0"
+ VERSION = "0.1.1"

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