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The SampleService requires IIS or IIS Express. IIS Express is a free download from Microsoft and the preferred approach to running the application. Once installed, there is a batch file found in /test called "iisExpress x64.bat" that will spin up the appropriate instances needed for the Cucumber tests. There is a also an "iisExpress x86.bat" file for those of you running a 32-bit machine. The only difference is the path to the Program Files directory. Once you run the batch file, the web server will spin up. To stop the server, use 'Q' and then enter or close the command window.
+If you are having trouble with IIS Express, you may need to perform the following: Upon running the IIS Express installer copy the config folder from the IIS Express installed folder (e.g. c:\Progam Files (x86)\IIS Express\config) to the IIS folder in your home folder (e.g. c:\Users\Administrator\Documents\IISExpress). Within the newly copied config folder, copy the aspnet.config file from the templates\PersonalWebServer\aspnet.config folder into the config folder as well (e.g. c:\Users\Administrator\Documents\IISExpres\config\aspnet.config).
If you are testing on a Windows machine, you may encounter a problem with using Cucumber and Ruby 1.9.2. You will get a message when you fire up cucumber about missing msvcrt-ruby18.dll. The fix for this is to make sure you have the [RubyInstaller DevKit]( installed, then do the following:
gem uninstall json

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