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Public repository for custom blocks for Omniscope 2019+
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Public repository for custom blocks for Omniscope 2019+.

The blocks added here will be available to install in the block picker of Omniscope.

List of blocks


Flightstats Airports (R)
Flightstats Airlines (R)
Flightstats Flights (R)
Overpass Street Coordinates (Python)


Fuzzy Join (R)
Inequality Join (R)


DBScan (R)
KMeans (R)
Gaussian Mixture Model (R)
Attribute Analysis (R)
Relationship Analysis (R)
DBScan (Python)
K-Nearest-Neighbours (R)
Support Vector Machine Prediction (Python)
  1. Inputs
  2. Connectors
  3. Flightstats Airports
  4. Flightstats Airlines
  5. Flightstats Flights
  6. Overpass Street Coordinates
  7. Preparation
  8. Fuzzy Join
  9. Inequality Join
  10. Analytics
  11. Clustering 1. DBScan (R) 2. DBScan (Python) 3. KMeans 4. GMM
  12. Prediction 1. K-Nearest-Neighbours 2. Support Vector Machine Prediction
  13. Network analysis 1. Attribute Analysis 2. Relationship Analysis

How to create a new block

Create a directory under one of the main sections that specifies the general area of what the block does. Create then a subdirectory specifying the language the block works in, which is either R, Python2 or Python3. In a last step, create the directory which contains your block's data. Add three files: The source code of the block, a file containing a description and a thumbnail.png visualising what the block does. The source code should be reasonably documented and potentially contain sections to describe input fields and parameters.

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