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Workspace is the central place where things get organized. Page is another place where people can share data, ideas and more in a different way.

Get Pages

  • GET /pages or GET /workspaces/1/pages to get all pages for an account or for a workspace. Server will return something that looks like this:
    "id": 1174,
    "title": "Collaboration Platform for Engineers.",
    "first_image": "",
    "abstract": "<p>Even though so many online collaboration tools available out there, ...</p>",
    "workspace_id": 913,
    "position": 2,
    "share_mode": "public",
    "published_url": "",
    "expire_at": null,
    "password": null,
    "downloadable": true,
      "team_name": "VispowerTech",
      "team_id": 1,
      "email": "",
      "name": "Randy Jung",
      "picture": "",
      "id": 1
    "comments_count": 0,
    "created_at": "2012-05-30T18:40:49-07:00",
    "updated_at": "2012-09-07T17:21:59-07:00"
  {} ...more pages

Server will respond 200 Ok with JSON representation of the pages which user has access to.

first_image is the url of the first image thumbnail in small size appearing in the page. It can be a image inserted in Note or File widget. abstract is the first paragraph that appears in the page from page item's content.

share_mode denotes the page's share status that can be:

  • private - not shared. only workspace members can access,
  • anyone - anyone who has the link can access without login
  • public - public page that anyone can access and be indexed by search engine.

If a page has share_mode of anyone and public, published_url tells the url. If a page has share_mode of anyone, expire_at and password options will be available if set.

More filtering options are available for GET /pages:

  • GET /pages?page=2 to get the page two of results. The result will be paginated 30 items per page.
  • GET /pages?order_by=updated_at+desc will return sorted results by updated_at field.
  • GET /pages?order_by=created_at+desc will return sorted results by created_at field.
  • GET /pages?created_since=2012-09-18T18:11:40-07:00 will return pages which were created after given time.
  • GET /pages?updated_since=2012-09-18T18:11:40-07:00 will return pages which were updated after given time.
  • GET /pages?owner_ids=1,2,9 will return pages which have owner's id of 1 or 2 or 9.
  • GET /pages?share_mode=[private|anyone|public] will return pages based on the share status.
  • GET /pages?workspace_id=1 will return pages in workspace 1.
  • GET /pages?q=rabbit will search for the pages which contain rabbit keyword. Given q parameter, TeamPlatform will perform a search on informations like title and content.

Get Page

  • GET /pages/1 or GET /workspaces/1/pages/1 to get a page. Server will respond 200 Ok along with JSON if you have access to the page. User has to have access to the workspace which the page belongs to (User should have the access to the workspace even if it's public page. Public API is not available yet.)
  "id": 1999,
  "title": "More useful page",
  ...more info

Create Page

  • POST /pages or POST /workspaces/1/pages to create a page with JSON like this:
  "title": "How to create a page in TeamPlatform",
  "position": 1

Server will respond 200 Ok with new page's data if successful. Specifying position will create a new page in that position inside the workspace. If you omit the position or the value is blank, a new page will be created at last position.

Update Page

  • PUT /pages/1 or PUT /workspaces/1/pages/1 to update a page. Parameters would look like this:
  "title": "Now, how to share a page with people",
  "position": 2,
  "share_mode": "anyone",
  "expire_at": "",
  "password": "pwpasthn"
  "downloadable": true

Server will respond 200 Ok if the operation was successful. Update call has 4 more parameters available to use. Set position to reorder pages in workspace. share_mode controls the share status of the page with optional expire_at and password. downloadable shows/hides the file download link in shared state.

Delete Page

  • DELETE /pages/1 or DELETE /workspaces/1/pages/1 to delete a page. Server will return 204 No Content if the deletion is successful. You will see 403 Forbidden, if the user doesn't have access to delete the page.