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Page Items

A page has five types of page items. Note, Downloader, Uploader, Divider and Form Fields.

Get Page Items

  • GET /pages/1/page_items to get page item's in page 1. GET /workspaces/1/pages/1/page_items is also valid end point, but server will just ignore the workspace part to prevent unnecessary complexity from deep nesting.
    "id": 2782,
    "kind": "Note",
    "title": "How TeamPlatform Handles Page Contents",
    "content": "<p>Section 1: Page Item Types ...</p>",
    "page_id": 1174,
    "position": 1,
    "folder_id": null,
    "upload_url": "",
    "file_ids": "",
    "files": [ ...files ],
    "fields": [ ],
    "submit_text": null,
    "show_owner": true,
    "created_at": "2012-05-31T11:19:20-07:00",
    "updated_at": "2012-09-07T12:19:32-07:00",
    "updater": {
      "name":"Randy Jung",
    "owner": { ...owner info }
  {} ...more page items

Server will return 200 Ok with page items in the page if the user is accessible to the page.

kind tells the page item type which can be either Note, Downloader, Uploaderm Divider and Fields. folder_id is the id of the file folder which the page item was mapped to. upload_url tells the url of the uploader where users can upload files if the page is shared and the page item type is uploader. file_ids is comma separated list of id of files which the page item has. This field is blank if folder_id is present, and vice-versa. files contains array of files in the page item with same JSON representation of files. See Files Section of the API for details. fields contains array of properties only for Fields type of page item. Look further information properties at Property. submit_text is for Fields type page item to represent custom form submit button text. show_owner flag denotes the file owners will be shown or not in shared page view. updater is the user who updated the page last time.

GET /pages/1/page_items doesn't have further filtering options and returns all the page items of the page sorted by position.

Get Page Item

  • GET /pages/1/page_items/1 returns page item 1 with.
  "id": 2783,
  "kind": "Downloader",
  "title": "Marketing Materials for API",
  "content": "Total 6 files available to download",
  ...more info

Create Page Item

  • POST /pages/1/page_items with JSON like this:
  "kind": "Downloader",
  "title": "Useful Files",
  "content": "from useful workspace's folder",
  "position": 1,
  "show_owner": true,
  "folder_id": 1972,
  "file_ids": "",
  "submit_text": ""

Server will respond 200 Ok with new data if successful, 403 Forbidden if the page is not accessible.

Update Page Item

  • PUT /pages/1/page_items/1 with JSON:
  "kind": "Downloader",
  "title": "More Useful Files",
  "content": "files from many different workspaces",
  "position": 2,
  "show_owner": false,
  "folder_id": "",
  "file_ids": "1024,2048,8",
  "submit_text": ""

Server will respond 200 Ok with updated data if successful, 403 Forbidden if the page is not accessible.

Delete Page Item

  • DELETE /pages/1/page_items/1 to delete a page item.

Server will respond 204 No Content, 403 Forbidden if the page is not accessible.